Green Valley Rock Festival Berlin - For Metal / Rock Bands
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What's the Green Valley Rock Festival?

A short story of this project

Rock and Roll lovers the Terron brothers Lenny, Henry and Guiller in 2012 decided to leave everything in Brazil to dedicate their lives exclusively to do what they love the most, music.

After two years living in Madrid they move to Berlin, and after three years living in Berlin they decide to relive an old project the Green Valley Rock Festival.

The project began in Brazil in the year 2011, with the bands and local city hall support they held two editions, 2011 and 2012.

The "Green Valley Rock Festival" has as main purpose to connect local bands, to join their public and of course, to provide fun, but above all, to show that despite every difficulties found in the musical scene, united is possible to grow up together.

They also organize the Backdoor Party an event that follows the same idea and happens twice a month at the ORWOHAUS.

This festival has the bands as main partner without them it wouldn't be possible.



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