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  • EVG Inno White Collage 12 by 12 photo multiframe

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  • Price:   8.89 $
    Product Code:   I68739391
    The EVG Inno White Collage 12 by 12 photo multiframe is the perfect solution for those who want to create a unique collection of memories and place them in a stylish and elegant framed composition. This multi-frame provides the ability to accommodate as many as 12 photos in 10x15 cm format,...
  • Price:   9.99 $
    Product Code:   I28818591
    Plastic vase for flowers MBM My Home size 30 cm in bright blue colors. This decorative MBM My Home vase will be a wonderful element that fits perfectly into a modern space. Its unique minimalist design adds sophistication and style to the interior. The vase is intended to be a real highlight of...
  • Price:   12.99 $
    Product Code:   R51193056
    A 6-photo multiframe is the perfect solution for creating an impressive photo frame in which you can combine several significant moments and memories. This elegant multi-frame allows you to place a variety of photos in a single compositional solution. The multiframe includes various sizes of photo...
  • Price:   16.99 $
    Product Code:   P81243798
    The photo book "The First Photo Album for Kids" is your ideal companion on an exciting journey through the world of your precious memories. This beautiful album is designed to forever preserve important moments and tender photos of your little one. A feature of this photo book is its dense pages...
  • Price:   16.79 $
    Product Code:   R85557975
    Drowning out the fire of the night, scented candles have become the embodiment of comfort and relaxation. Always ready to create an atmosphere of tranquility and warmth, they immerse us in soft light and pleasant aromas, filling the space with magic and relaxation. Now imagine the glow of the...
  • Price:   5.99 $
    Product Code:   D85953247
    Mirror wall decorative sticker "Honeycomb-127" in the amount of 18 pieces, made in an elegant silver shade. This collection of interior stickers "Honeycomb-127" is created from durable mirror acrylic, which is easily attached thanks to the self-adhesive base. Each set includes 18 elements...

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